Servomotors and Low-Frequency Ear Busters

October 3, 2007

I was able to hook up my Arduino to make the servo-motor work. It was pretty straightforward. Using code from Steven Litt, I was able to hook up a piezo speaker, and then an amplified speaker, and get some sweet digi-noise out of the circuit. Using a photoresistor and a potentiometer, the user can moderate the pitch.


2 Responses to “Servomotors and Low-Frequency Ear Busters”

  1. After reading through this article, I just feel that I need more info. Can you suggest some resources please?

    • jasonkrugman Says:

      Although this was a long time ago, I can give you some of the info that I remember. The basic setup uses one of the analog in pins on the Arduino to take a reading (from 0-1024) from a variable resistor (the potentiometer or photoresistor). The code on the Arduino moderates that info and outputs a value through one of the digital pins. By pulsing the digital outpin at different speeds, you can get different sounds out of the piezo speaker, or a larger amplified speaker. This is the part I am unsure about, but you can start by hooking it up and plugging in some different time values for the pulsing of your output pin.

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