1.29.07 Why do I like electronica so much?

October 28, 2007

The rise of electronica shows a lot about where our culture is moving. We want to be better than we are – more productive, faster, more intelligent and more agile. We wish we always had the answer and the right thing to say or do, so we have created tools to help us be like this. They were made by people to represent people, and be better at doing the things we want to improve upon. Their increasing perfection gives us pleasure because we know that they are rooted in us.

I see people dancing and smiling at each other and I also see them operating machines. I can feel my eyes opening and my pupils focusing on the object of my attention. I think about money, about buildings being constructed, about grass growing, about dead bodies decaying in green grass and dirt, about someone I don’t know walking down the street, thinking about what they’re going to eat for lunch, a deer raising its head to look at the camera in some documentary I saw. My mind moves to advertising on a jumbotron for some colorful product with a smiling Asian girl. Someone steps on an emptied McDonalds value meal in the street. I keep seeing film of clouds moving past Mt Everest and people surfing in Hawaii. I think about my parents who made me and what my sister might be doing at this moment. I hope that everything is well in her life and that my parents aren’t worried about either of us, and that they don’t slip on anything or get tired of their daily rituals. I remind myself to take care of myself.


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