9.26.06 Using the alphabet rather than specific words, concepts or names

October 28, 2007

9.26 Use of language and lines referencing written language along with numbers: Using the alphabet rather than specific words, concepts or names.

This reflects back towards the draw to make art in the first place- an attempt to improve our imperfect attempts at communicating- bridging our subjectivities. The use of patterns referencing language speaks towards language and communication as ideas, rather than towards a specific object that would be embodied if a particular word were selected as part of a composition. Patterns that mimic written language create an aura that ccupies space with tonality and movement. It alludes to the constant flow of communications between the people in the drawings and between others who are not shown.

The characters filling the space in the drawings are analogous to sound waves; they are both physical phenomena and semantic messages. They reference the constant chatter filling the air in the public and private spaces of human existence – likened to what Tom Wolfe called “the buzz of the hive” in The Bonfire of the Vanitites.

Visual art and written language share a common purpose. Both are eually imperfect tools. However, that does not make what is written or repressented unimportant or arbitrary. Each is beautiful because it cannot be perfect. In its imperfection it cannot become mechanistic or devoid of emotion. Its grace is thus preserved…


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