Quote from Marshall McLuhan’s “Understanding Media” Chaps 1 and 2

November 5, 2007

“… one hynotized by the amputation and extension of his own being in a new technical form.” p.26

“For any medium has the power of imposing its own assumption on the unwary. Prediction and control consist in avoiding this subliminal state of the Narcissus trance. But the greatest aid to this end is simply knowing that the spell can occur immediately upon contact, as in the first bars of a melody.” p.30

“The spiritual and cultural reservations that the oriental peoples may have toward our technology will avail them not at all. The effects of technology do not occur at the level of opinions or concepts, but alter sense ratios or patterns of perception steadily and without and resistance The serious artist is the only person able to encounter technology with impunity, just because he is an expert aware of the changes in sense perception.” p.33

“Pope Piux XII said – Feb 17, 1950
‘It is not an exaggeration to say that the future of modern society and the stability of its inner life depend in large part on the maintenance of an equilibrium between the strenth of the techniques of communication and the capactiy of the individual’s own reaction.’ Failure in this respsect has for centuries been typical and total for mankind. Subliminal and docile acceptance of media impact has made them prisons without walls for their human users.” – p.34


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