Single White Android

December 13, 2007


Our life-size doll wants to be close to you. His facial expressions and internal lighting relate to your interaction with him. His belly pulses with red light. He wants you to touch it, and if you comply, he reacts, smiling and glowing with pleasure. He just might move as well….

Humans are all lonely to some degree. The Internet and mass media are not satisfying our need for physical presence. We are deluded by the fact that we are “connected” to so many, when in fact we are only exchanging info, leaving us in dire need for real companionship.

How does our perception of companionship change when the Internet and other types of media become intermediaries between us? What makes a person real to us? Our creation is our response to these questions. He is a manifestation of a semi-human, and is neither real nor fake. He is not human, but he takes up physical space and has many human-like characteristics. Will he be more “real” than a fake person on the Internet who was “created” and then “died?” What does it take to be considered a human being these days? What types of emotional reactions will we be able to incite in our audience? Hopefully, we will be able to get them to re-assess the bonds in their lives, and think about their future social interactions from a new perspective.



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