On Minimum Constraint Design (MinCD)

February 6, 2008


I have recently learned that all parts exist if they are used in some commercial application. When looking for large, hollow plastic spheres, I ended up finding them thanks to a web-based company that sells huge balls for circus animals to play with.

“One of your continuing career responsibilities is to study components and vendors and form your own opinions of their values.”

“All manufacturers buy components and sell systems.”

The benefits of MinCD:
1. Zero looseness and zero binding of moving parts
2. Assembly of fixed parts without strains or rework despite loose manufacturing tolerances and semiskilled assembly labor
3. Minimize manufacturing cost
4. Maximize reliability
5. Easier to disassemble and reassemble
6. Easier maintenance

Whiffletree – a way by which force from one point can be distributed over a potentially infinite number of points equally. A mobile is a form of whiffletree. Truck wheels and some roofing structures are also examples of this configuration. A tripod is another equal-weight distribution configuration. You could put another tripod at the base of the tripod’s legs to further distribute the load in equal increments.


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