lineByline: digitalVSanalog – juxtaposition in repeated line

February 7, 2008

I am currently working on a project proposal for lineByline.

If you are interested in the project, or know of a potential venue for me to exhibit, please contact me via my email,

Project Description:
Part performance, part display, lineByline is a juxtaposition of digital and analog drawing techniques. By making roughly the same drawing with a computer and by hand, this piece highlights the mounting tension between analog and digital types of artistic production. The battle between hand- made and automated production has existed for centuries, but has never been as central in our world as it is now. In most industries, analog production is becoming an artifact. More and more, our hands are being used to move mouses and punch keyboards, and the interaction with the physical materials of production is being delegated to robotic arms and cheap laborers half a world away. As somebody who loves getting dirty and running my hands over rough paper, I have used this series of work to showcase my love of analog production, while leaving room for the digital expansion that is gaining more ground every day.  

Larger Image



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