Back In NYC

June 27, 2008

Coming back from Israel was a major transition for me. You wouldn’t think that a 10 day trip would have such a jarring impact but it did. New York is so intense a way to live, and so is Israel, but much different. The land of Milk and Honey, you really got a sense of that even though I saw neither milk nor honey. I keep saying trying to describe it by saying that there were so many birds and flowers, but that wasn’t true either. There was a lot of desert, but also a lot of growth. Society feels like it is growing there, and so does the land, although one really odd thing is that among farms, there are not many people to be seen outside. Maybe it was really hot while we were there. I suppose that there is not much reason for farmers to be in the fields, other than to plant and to harvest.

Since getting back, I have been working a lot at my job, cleaning and trying to generally improve my apartment, taking a computer programming class, and trying to work on a couple art projects.

I decided when I got back that I was going to move to Berlin instead of go to school in the fall. I then decided to the contrary and also that I am going to stay in my apartment into the fall. I am wondering if I will change my mind again. I think that people are too afraid to change their mind about things, and thus prevent themselves from thoroughly planning and testing future events out during the present. Does that make sense?


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