Everything I make these days

June 30, 2008

is all situational. I am missing working on large, flat images. I haven’t collaged or painted in a really long time, and i think its pretty much all because I don’t have room. It sucks. I migrated into drawing people on the subway in my little black book because that was the only space I had. Space and time actually (time being the morning commute). Now that I don’t have an excuse to ride the subway anymore, and its hard to draw people in Toy’s R Us because everyone is moving around too freakin much, I have fallen short on the drawing and collaging tip. I am really bored. I have been at Toys R Us for 8 HOURS! ABC for 4 in between those! I like my job, but for real, my butt is starting to cramp up from all this chair-sitting.


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