Scope versus Breadth

July 2, 2008

I recently became aware that I might be trying to learn everything, instead of focusing on driving forward with certain, key things. What do I really want? Am I conceding failure prematurely without even realizing I am doing it? I think I may be guilty at assuming that I cannot make it as a professional artist without even seeing my discovery process through. While self psychology can be riddled with qualifiers and embarrassment relating to over-exposure, it is necessary. Why not do it in the public eye? If you read this and felt embarrassed for me, lemme get a “Hell yeah.”


One Response to “Scope versus Breadth”

  1. Cain Says:

    Heck yes! Were you in my head? While I came to this conclusion(?) some moons ago, and am still fumbling in the dark from time to time, I’m totally alright with it. Well, not the failure, but with the perpetual battle of all vs. some things.

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