From Agnes Martin’s “The Untroubled Mind”

November 3, 2008

In early childhood, when the mind is untroubled, is when
inspiration is most possible.
The little child just sitting in the snow
The education of children- social development is contradictory
to aesthetic development.
Nature is conquest, possession
eating sleeping procreation
It is not aesthetic, not the kind
of inspiration I’m interested in
Nature is the wheel
When you get off the wheel you’re looking out
You stand with your back to the turmoil
You never rest with nature, it’s a hungry thing
Every animal you meet is hungry
Not that I don’t believe in eating
But I just want to make a distinction between art and eating
This painting I like because you can get in there and rest
The satisfaction of appetite happens to be impossible
The satisfaction of appetite is frustrating
So it’s always better to be a little bit hungry
That way you contradict the necessity
Not that I’m for asceticism
but the absolute trick in life is to find rest.
If there’s life in the composition it stimulates your life moments
your happy moments, your brain is stimulated.


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