Thesis – Inspiration – Works Like Mine

November 13, 2008

These projects will help me refine my own vision and produce increasingly well-designed work. These are two projects that are closely aligned with the ideas that I am developing for thesis.

The first piece is by Living World, a small design show based in Tokyo. It is called “Wind Lit.” It is a series of wind triggered solar powered LED lanterns. It is similar to my piece Firefly LED, but it goes a step further, in that it is solar-powered. Mine is different though because it seeks to visualize the wind with a higher resolution, so that you can see the waves of air passing over a surface, rather than with just single points being triggered by wind.

Wind Lit Solar


This piece is an example of a small input array that has a largely magnified output. This is the same concept that I am working with in lighting. His piece is called “Blow Up.”

Blow Up



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