Rotating Fluorescent Tube – Version 3

November 30, 2008

In this iteration of the tube light project, I built a motor mount of steel sheet. The overall performance is pretty good and Version 3 is definitely a big improvement over the first two. This one features a mercury connector from Mercotac. I ran into some problems trying to get the tension of the chain to the optimal levels. Originally I tried to make it as tight as possible to avoid vibration and have the movement of the light be perfectly aligned with motor. This presented a problem though because the lateral pull on the motor shaft created a lot more torque. The motor only ran reliably at a low speed (although there was very little vibration). Loosening the chain made it run much faster and more reliably, although with more vibration. It seems there are a couple of ways to improve performance from here. 1. Use bearings to mount the shaft (in this one, shaft sits in a hole drilled in the steel, so there is some friction) 2. Use an additional, spring-mounted gear to keep pressure on the chain 3. Get a higher-torque motor

Click on the first image for video


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