Thesis Statement for Firefly LED

February 6, 2009

Small things in accumulation form structures with power. Many small units, each acting under its own set of simple rules, can form patterns and structures that exhibit great complexity. That complexity is often a source of beauty – especially in nature.

For my thesis, I want to display the complexity of the wind in a way that allows people to perceive the waves of air that exist in our environment.

To accomplish this, I am going to design and build a modular wind actuated, solar powered, LED facade for outdoor structures. The modules will be designed to be placed in large groups on vertical outdoor surfaces. As the wind blows over them, their LEDs will turn on at different times, creating patterns of light dictated by the action of the wind. Viewers will see waves and bursts of light propagating across the surfaces of outdoor structures such as skyscrapers and bridges.

I will design and build small, independently operating, self-sufficient modules to allow for scalability and ease of installation. In addition to being independent from power wires, I intend to build the modules in the simplest way possible. They will have to operate despite rain, strong gusts of wind, ice, snow and intense sun. While I accept that under certain extreme conditions, they will not function properly, they must be designed to regain function after the periods of extreme weather pass. I will avoid complex electronics and mechanics so that they will be durable enough to function for long periods of time in such harsh outdoor environments.


3 Responses to “Thesis Statement for Firefly LED”

  1. Says:

    hi. I m nupur chokshi. I m doing M.SC in interior designing. My specialization in LED lighting. So can you please help me information about some researches done on LED in india.

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