Super Weapon is Beautiful and Deadly

February 4, 2010

Could be an Onion Headline. Its like its so ironic that its stupid to say. Helllooooo Dr. Strangelove. Here’s the photo. Its from a MIRV, this crazy nuclear missile that gets launches from submarines, or land, or ships, or pretty much wherever. Once it gets up to space, its pretty much impossible to shoot down. The warhead detaches, arms, and then it deploys, like 8 or 10 nuclear weapons, that re-enter the atmosphere and explode in this crazy matrix that destroys a whole lot of stuff. The problem with nuclear weapons, is that when they blow up, they really destroy one area good, but their destructive force decreased by a power of 3 as distance increases. The MIRV solves that “problem”, by creating a grid of exploding enormous bombs that can kill way more people and poison a much larger portion of the world. Oh, by the way, of course its called the “Peacekeeper” ***[pause for applause]**** Thank you.

A link to the Wikipedia entry on MIRVs

Some other photos I found. Typical internet stuff


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