A Quote from John Waters

March 1, 2010

Taken from “Eyemazing” magazine:

CM: …the inspiration for the piece Contemporary Art Hates You….

JW: It does hate some people. It hates the people who have contempt without investigation. People who say, “Aw, my kid could do that, that’s the most ridiculous thing.” It does hate them and it should hate them. And yes, those who do follow contemporary art, and must learn the secret way to look at things, well, they’re happy it hates those people. Because those people are too stupid to look.

CM: So contemporary art is not meant for widespread audiences.

JW: It could be if everyone would open their mind enough and study enough and see enough so that they learn to see. Or learn to understand it. Or learn to be outraged by it. Which is what contemporary art is supposed to do in the first place – it’s supposed to wreck things, it’s supposed to destroy what came before. It’s supposed to alter what you think is good, I think. But unless you accept and look for that or find delight or some kind of intellectual stimulation, it does hate you because you are stupid. And I don’t hate all stupid people, but I hate militantly stupid people.


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