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Kinetic Lighting, Architecture and Physical Computing by Jason Krugman.

Contact: jasonkrugman@gmail.com


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  1. Nikki Onsley Says:


    I am writing to you from the PICTURE magazine in Australia. I am interested in a running a story on your amazing installation.

    I would like to run a series of pictures over a page or two with a brief description of the artwork.

    Please get back to me at you earliest possible convenience if you are able to supply us with hi resolution digital images suitable for magazine publications. We are willing to pay you for use.

    I look forward to your response.

  2. […] Jason Krugman is a NY artist who uses motors and Christmas lights in his work — and who studied economics as an undergrad. It’s not clear whether he thinks either McCain or Obama is pointing in the right direction, but his pro-market view seems to line up with McCain’s record: [T]he people who are in control, need to be paid differently. Notice I didn’t say more or less. If they are given the same overall compensation, but with a higher percentage of it in stock, it will make them care more. […]

  3. Sam Says:

    Who are those people? What are they saying? You are voting OBAMA!! RIght, because that is the best choice out of the two…

    OBAMA is the man. Obama represents peace. McCain represents war. McCain will make war. Obama will use nonviolence and understanding to resolve problems. McCain wants to help the rich stay rich, Obama will help everyone find financial stability and make greedy people share their money.

    Vote OBama!!! JASOK KRUGMAN WILL!!!


  4. Lisa Aronson Says:

    What soft and muscular light sculptures you are creating…Lisa

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