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Basket LED Chandelier for Client in Austin, Texas

January 2, 2015

Custom Basket for Austin Client

A hand-soldered LED chandelier hangs in a client’s newly-renovated home. Jason Krugman Studio hand-makes LED mesh and uses it to produce bespoke light sculptures. More information on the artist’s website:

austin2 austin3


Rhythm and Form

March 19, 2014
led sculpture

Public LED Sculpture by Jason Krugman Studio

Grow – Wind Responsive Solar Generation Facade

June 9, 2009

This project, featured at the MoMA in New York, uses a custom array of flexible solar panels to generate electricity, while at the same time, creating beautiful visual patterns in response to the wind.

Link to the site


Lights On at Ars Electronica

May 22, 2009

Picture 3

Lights on is an audio visual performance created for the Ars Electronica museum in Linz, Austria, which has a facade that contains 1085 LED controllable windows. The windows’ colors are changed in realtime with music that’s broadcasted on speakers surrounding the building.

A Recent Proposal for the InLight Festival, Richmond, Virginia

March 31, 2009

I recently created these images as part of a proposal for the InLight Festival in Richmond, Virginia, sponsored by 1708 Gallery. For my piece, I mocked up a clock made of 3 rotating fluorescent tubes. The largest hand of the clock is an 8 foot long tube, followed by a 4 foot and a 2 foot. Although intuitively, we would expect the smallest to be the seconds, and the largest, the hours, I think it will better to look at if the biggest hand moves the most. Thus, I will reverse the order and make the 8 foot tube the seconds. The other main dilemma I am facing is how an onlooker will tell which side of the tube is which? How will we distinguish between 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock if the tube rotates from the middle? I’m going to continue thinking about this one.


Reconceptualizing Urban Development

March 4, 2009


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Environmental Art at Mass MoCA

February 11, 2009


By artist Vaughn Bell, these pieces also include small spray bottles so that it is the audience’s responsibility to water them and keep the plants alive. They are set up so that you can put your head inside them like so:


One of them had strawberries growing inside it and it smelled fantastic.

Below, a picture of an attractive looking wind turbine.


Modular Reflected Light Facades

February 9, 2009

Flare Facade by White Void modular facade uses small motors to tilt the individual units of the facade. This is the webpage for the project.


It is similar to Danny Rozin’s mirrors. Both use modular motor-controller panels to reflect light from the environment to the viewer. I would call this type of modular facades “active”, while Ned Kahn’s wind facades, are “passive”, in that they are moved by the wind and do not use an interior system to coordinate their movement.


Kinetic Sculpture – Joe Gilbertson and Art+Com

January 20, 2009

and another one in the BMW museum built by Art+Com AG

The Getty Museum

January 20, 2009