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Light Sculpture with 6000 hand-soldered white LEDs

December 20, 2016
LED Mesh light sculpture

Light Sculpture with LED Mesh


Basket LED Chandelier for Client in Austin, Texas

January 2, 2015

Custom Basket for Austin Client

A hand-soldered LED chandelier hangs in a client’s newly-renovated home. Jason Krugman Studio hand-makes LED mesh and uses it to produce bespoke light sculptures. More information on the artist’s website:

austin2 austin3

Rhythm and Form – Front View

March 19, 2014

Rhythm and Form - Front View

View from the front of the plaza at Woodmont Triangle. Bethesda, MD

Rhythm and Form

March 19, 2014
led sculpture

Public LED Sculpture by Jason Krugman Studio

Rhythm and Form (in Progress)

November 27, 2013

Rhythm and Form (in Progress)

Full Twist (2013)

LED Sculpture

August 19, 2013

LED Sculpture

A few thousand white LEDs create topography

LED Light Sculpture

August 23, 2012

Light Sculpture
LED Light Sculpture. I recently refined the design for this sculpture and exhibited at Cornell University. A link to the project’s webpage is here.

Living Objects at Dekalb Market

October 25, 2011

This holiday season, the several of Jason Krugman Studio’s “Freddy” sculptures will grace the shipping containers of Deklab Market. The work was originally installed for the Brooklyn Night Bazaar hosted by Dekalb Market and sponsored by Aaron Broudo.

Full photo set

New Organic Electric LED Chandelier by Me

November 23, 2009

Full size image

Full size image

Videos of the Organic Electric Project

Solar Charging Circuit

March 2, 2009

This solar circuit is what I am going to use for my thesis. It charges ultra capacitors. While the voltage coming in to the capacitors is larger than the voltage they are holding, they absorb more electricity. If the voltage in the solar cells drops below the voltage already stored in the caps, the diode prevents it from flowing backward. The circuit uses a transistor to act as a voltage trigger. Based on the value of the resistor at its base, the voltage threshold can be adjusted. When the voltage coming in through the solar panels falls below the threshold, the circuit stops charging, and instead discharges from the caps through the LED.