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LED Light Sculpture for Holland America Lines

November 15, 2018

led sculpture

led sculpture

photo by Chris Zack

Thank you to Holland America Lines and art consultant, Artlink!

Treble Chandelier for Fabrica

September 2, 2011

Jason Krugman Studio collaborated with Sam Baron on this piece for Fabrica. It was recently shown at the Plus Design Gallery in Milan and will be showing in Belgium Design week coming up…

Olaf Eliasson at MoMA

April 29, 2008

This piece was my favorite… it is the perfect balance between impressive visual effects and simple construction. A bright light reflects off of hanging square mirror. The reflections it casts are illusive and it is surprisingly hard to associate them with the mirror as it rotates from a central point above it. When is it perpendicular to the light, the light’s shadow is cast behind it on the wall, and the viewer can observe the heat distortion about it.